Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the bark gets 'em every time

During our yard sale a few weeks ago, I gave Casey Anne a 10 minute photography lesson. We ranged over topics like depth of field, aperture and shutter speed, composition, and a mess of other things. It was genius really.

She wanted to enter the photography division of an art contest that her school has. We went out later that day to snap some pictures at the temple. Her theme: Beauty is... I suggested she take a picture of the bark on some of the trees.


Every photo contest I have ever entered, I have won. And I always take a picture of bark.
[Okay. I've only entered one contest. And the total number of contestants was the total number of students in my photography class at Snowflake High School. But I was still the winner, so shut it.]

So, she decided to enter the above photo. And guess what?

She has been selected to move on to the next level. I'm telling you, the bark gets 'em every time.


  1. It's a very cool picture! Casey Ann did a very good job!

  2. hooray for casey - tell her i said congratulations!

  3. Sweet. That is a great picture. And just think how far she'd go if her photo education was an hour. :)

    Emma's candy looks like Lily's... I'll have to post a picture.

  4. She's got her mothers eye for beauty. She did a great job. Also it's a good thing you're doing NaNoWrMo because you've never blogged so much before! :)