Friday, March 20, 2009

plot holes

Me: [upon inspecting the Saturday wash-job of the van] The driver's side is still all dirty. It looks like you missed this whole side.

Micah: I was hoping you wouldn't notice.

Me: When you grow up and get a real job, if you give a half effort and hope your boss won't notice you may get fired.

Micah: Then why don't you just fire me?

Still working on fixing those holes in my plot.



  1. Don't you love their honest logic? Jeff learned not to threaten the girls that if they didn't get their room cleaned, they weren't going to school. Carlie's eyes got way too bright. Wait a minute.

  2. too funny.
    attorney in training.

  3. Smarty pants. I love the title of your post, I can tell where he gets his cleverness from.