Monday, November 24, 2008

Moving underwater

Have you ever had a dream where it feels like you are moving under water? That's how I felt today. All day. And I seem to have those days a lot, like a depression without being sad, a deflated balloon. "Why?" Mr. Coleman wants to know.

So do I. 

It could have something to do with being sick for twelve days. I am getting better, I have most of my voice back. I am just so tired. I feel drained, but I haven't done any draining for days. 

 So here, for my own benefit is a list of things I accomplished today [even though I felt like lying in bed all day]:
washed dishes
unloaded dishwasher
quick-cleaned kitchen
drove kids to elementary school
bought deli turkey for preschool thanksgiving feast
dropped daughter off at preschool
watched Mimi while her mother is getting chemo at the hospital
played games at to cheer up Mimi
picked up daughter at preschool
dropped off Mimi at kindergarten
answered emails
washed and put away four loads of laundry
taught two piano lessons
made fried rice for dinner
made candy popcorn for FHE treat
played game for FHE
bathed the babies, brushed teeth, combed hair and put to bed
posted to my blog

Okay, I feel a little better all ready. Even if my list did not include showering, exercising or being amazing.


  1. Frankly, with everything you listed, I think that qualifies as being amazing.

  2. Ditto to that comment. You're incredible.

    I'm sorry you're still sick! If it makes you feel any better, so am I... today was the beginning of my voice being gone. And all I want to do is lay in bed too.

    (Don't feel bad. It was worth the visit.)

    p.s. I kind of loved Twilight.

  3. I have those days too. I think it's because you miss me:)

    Oh, and don't I still owe you a DVD player or did it come back to life?

  4. We should have a fried rice cook off. I make a mean fried rice.

  5. Yeah, that's more than I've done all week.

    Whatever sickness you had is rotten. Every night I go to bed thinking I'm going to feel so good after getting some sleep and every night, I wake up and can't sleep. Then I feel yucka in the morning. And I've never been sick this long. I'm on day 7... but I still have my voice.

    I'm w/ Angela though, well worth the visit. :)

  6. My daily lists come in about 20 items shorter than yours lately! Way to go Rachel! And I love fried rice and have never found a good recipe... could you email me yours?

  7. Super woman, would you please not be so hard on yourself? That list is freakin' awesome, and about what I do in a single week.